Organize and Clean – Get Your Car Organized

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Organize and Clean – Get Your Car Organized

One of the first ways to start on the journey to organize and clean is to start with something that can be finished in a short amount of time. If your car could use a touch of organization, read on about quick  and easy ways to start driving clean wheels!

First, grab a plastic bag or even trash can and do the obvious – dump all the trash. Let’s see what is under your seats? Hopefully, not boxes of old chicken bones and remainders of the last couple of drive-through fast food moments – but if so, now is the time to take care of all the stuff hiding in forgotten places in your auto.

Next, what really needs to be in your car on a daily basis? Can you find your instruction manual? Does the spare tire have the proper amount of air in it? These are important things you can do for your safety.

Car Organizer

Keep your car organized and prevent clutter

If you have loose tools or even books and boxes, they can become flying missiles if you have to stop quickly. Secure any items that could become flying objects and be the cause of your next emergency visit to the hospital. Personally, I love this organizer since it is perfect for the person on the go, regardless of age. If you want one, you can buy it here… 

Also, additional weight can affect your gas mileage and that is no minor consideration these days.

After you get your car organized, it is easier to keep it that way. One of my best tips when asked how to get your  car organized is to keep it clean and organization will follow. Whenever you are on a trip or just driving through the fast food lane, make your next stop, a trash stop, too. Whether going into the store or stopping for gas, do a quick scan of your vehicle. If there is trash, put it in the next trash can you see. Do not put personal information in public trash, but chicken bones are hardly personal.

This is a quick way to make a small change that will have big results. Get your car clean and organized – start today.

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