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Do you ever stop and think about how to get a good night’s sleep? Little things like piles of stuff stacked around your bedroom can actually disturb your ability to slumber quickly and soundly. I found that I would lie awake sometimes at night thinking about what I should do with the things stacked on my dresser top. Should I use the nail polish, give it away, or just toss some of it out since it does not age well?

It probably seems simplistic to you, but it was an issue for me in the beginning. Finally, I went through the polish, put some of it in a basket in the bathroom cabinet, tossed the old in the trash and gave some of the fun colors away. My thought process was that it was going to dry up before I could use it, since I do not wear it that often.

Nail polish is just an example of the mind clutter that can go in your head without realizing it is a source of clutter in your life. What else is stacked around your room?  Do you have clothes in your closet that you can’t or don’t wear?  Why aren’t they being worn?

 When you look in your closet and see clothes that you have outgrown (aka clothes that will require weight loss to fit again) it has a negative effect on your brain and can be a bit depressing. If you want to leave one special item where you can see it as a reminder of a reward when you reach your goal, that might work for you; however, a closet of clothes that are too small just gives you a subconscious signal that sets you up for failure.

Here are some tips I have found useful in getting the bedroom in order:

Create a few piles for clothes, movies, CDs, video games, etc.  Don’t worry about putting everything away right now, just focus on everything getting into its designated pile.  If you have a hamper, all your dirty clothes should go in there, that will probably free up a little floor space for you to work.

Make use of storage containers to quickly organize things that are just piled on your desk or dresser so everything looks neater.

Anything that belongs in other areas of the house like dirty plates you probably found can now be taken to where they go. Now, put the remainder of the things away so they are organized and out of sight. This is the time to put everything in a designated place, so resist the urge to stuff things out of sight for another day.

Surface cleaning time!  Clean your shelves, dresser, mirror, television and anything else collecting dust.  You might even want to crack a window open or light a candle for a fresher smell.

Vacuum your floor and use the attachment to get in the corners and under the bed.  Don’t forget the closet!

Now, you can relax when you go to bed and slumber should not be far away. You can sleep well knowing you have really accomplished a milestone in your journed to having an organized place. Congratulations!

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